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14 september 2012


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Some thoughts about the delusion of god/s and faith over fact and the need for compassion DAMMIT!

We humans...Aww... we humans with our intuition and our frontal cortex, our for survival necessary capacity for compassion
and love for what ever living sparkle we stumble upon...
We are very empathic, only empathic culures have survivive...we have grown to understand eachother deeper and on surfaces and more...at some point this evolutionary ability starts to grow over the family the village the town the country the world and we all meet eachother tending this ablity so it differs, and we invent god/s.

Later,or right behind, power enters and see its opportunity and hippocriticle truth appear and grows in to a big stink and confusion.
And-if lucky- perhaps a reformer or a process among the people enters and get generosity and kindness up and runing again.Doing so by demonstrate the truth that seemed lost but still live inside everyone.

If this had not happend the people may disapear from the surface of the world.The powerful religion 'win or lose' can not solve things very well. Seem to just move
conflict and problematic contexts or situations around.
But if lucky a process or a reformer would be able or by accident to remind about the truth about compassion, inbedded in us all!

Dont be a dick. Be nice. Thats how simple it is. COMPASSION DAMMIT!

Sometime this reformator (or several reforming proceses) get to be deity, revered over time, we tell tales and all of a sudden a deity is born.
Mothers and fathers instill it close to the childrens heart and the dance goes in a new direction but with a delusion of the supernaturel.

And now when we need to tend to a really large tasks for survivre we would need a reformator but the faith over facts people wont listen.
They have the end of the world and there heavenly eternety praising the lord. Seem a little boring but it beats being tortued for ever.

The fiscal economic powers wont help or are not able to since they dont want to or at all understand the task at hand, in any case
they must count and recount all they possesions in relation to whatever move needs to be done.
We are free. Free to own. Its a right.
But the fredom to own, fences in all other fredoms possible.

The the powers to be must prohibited to attend because of their corrupt nature
and there is no room for more theft.
They have the machinery and range but they just
cant not do it.

The internet could be such a possible process, i hope. Oh i realy do.



Im losing a battle, i know it.
When you know your right you get tempted to fight.
against the 10 000 layers of backstabbing and calculated deceptions by
the religions and the cult of 'win and lose', competing is not an option.
Writing this is to go to battle.
We need to start to solve problems, not just win or lose.

Another thing..
'job' isnt sacred.
'job' are not our savior.
'job' can be empty and meaningless, a must locking
all your creativity down.
Then it turn you empty and meaningless.And you start feeling self contempt.
Go get a beer wont you!?
Have one on the house.
Rotschild's buying.
Take two, no six, eighteen.


Jim Björklund


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